Freight matching marketplace 123Loadboard does a remarkable job to improve safety

123Loadboard, an online marketplace that is exclusively meant for truck drivers is back with another feature to improve drivers’ safety. The marketplace does a good job in freight matching and provides snazzy technologies to many trucks to increase the loaded miles. It even helps the truck drivers to find the suitable loads and the company is now concerned about the safety as well. Good for the few lazy drivers who fall asleep during the travel! Drowsiness could cause accidents which in turn cause many innocent lives and according to a survey, accidents record is increased. The marketplace was found in 2003 and has always been the top priority to many truck drivers. The new addition of Vigo would even add the much needed “spice” to its market.

In order to avoid this unfortunate mishap, 123Loadboard has joined forces with Vigo, the quirky looking headset. Vigo does a splendid job by keeping the drivers’ blinks ad head movements in count and immediately warns the sleepy drivers. How cool is that? Still not impressed? It even comes in a Bluetooth set. Fatigues for drivers may occur during long journeys and Vigo prompts the drivers to take breaks.

123Loadboard marketplace is happy to launch Vigo that could increase the fame and popularity of its marketplace. It is soon going to be a sensational hit among the truck drivers across the country. Who would not be interested in something that could possibly save their lives in future?

Lucro marketplace promises to offer solutions on decision-making for Healthcare Organizations

Lucro is an exclusive online marketplace that offers ideas and plans to healthcare organizations. There are thousands of healthcare organizations in US that are keen on various plans, such as providing intensive care to patients, protecting the citizens from health problems and reducing the cost of healthcare. The healthcare organizations find it difficult when making important decisions. Lucro, the online marketplace is an innovative idea and a saving grace to all the health organizations.  Bruce Brandes, Lucro’s CEO promises the healthcare industry would not lag behind anymore and would offer extensive help to the country’s welfare. Healthcare leaders do not have to work hard in gathering information from different sources to make an important decision. Lucro would make it a lot easier for them by collection information from several sources and displaying it on the marketplace. Many organizations would be benefited by the capabilities it offers such as

  • Ratings and reviews of trusted colleagues
  • Best practitioners collaboration
  • Specific values and minute details for intrinsic decision-making
  • Established companies and organizations are cataloged accordingly

The marketplace is slowly gaining popularity and fame due to its tremendous job. It is also looking forward to expand its service and it is free for the buyers, sellers and the third parties. Healthcare organizations that are trying to seek help from a trusted and private source could go for Lucro with no whatsoever doubts. It would soon be a revolution and take forms in many successful ways.

Service Marketplace UrbanClap fetches 25 million in B funding

UrbanClap is a Marketplace which provides an opportunity for the consumers to find service providers in major cities of India, which now has landed to 25million series B.  The company is planning to use this fund for its further expansion in new cities.

Techcrunch portrayed UrbanClap in April about its growth for the past year since its start in the year 2014. It is processing the customer requests by means of its mobile applications and websites. You can create a site like Urbanclap with Shopsy Marketplace

it is considered to be the world’s largest service marketplace in India. The company is processing in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune which raised the company to have many service providers across 75 categories and is now planning to extend further. In order to differentiate from other traditional sites, Urbanclap is trying to do something unique by helping its service providers to get good guides which results in business.

UrbanClap plans to charge its partners for responding the requests via the platform. The charge will vary according to the category of service.

The company is also planning to take some quantity of amount from each completed transaction value. It aims to file its algorithm, which includes asking users with a series of questions regarding the product category and the answers for with some details about provider’s response and ratings. It is also collecting information from the customers like how much time they took to complete the questions to differentiate users who need service immediately with those who are doing research.

Facebook likely to become a marketplace

Facebook is a famous online social networking platform that is widely used by people across the globe. It is also a proud owner of many controversies and many social acts as well. The social networking site has reached heights of fame and popularity in a very short period of time. The user friendly platform is now looking forward to expand larger around the world. In near future, Facebook would no longer remain only as a social media platform; it is likely to turn into a market place as well! The social networking site is now working to launch the largest buying and selling community called local market. Several Facebook users have reported seeing the brand new feature on their Facebook iphone app and on messenger, as reported by TechCrunch. This feature which is not officially out is now being tested by the developers’ team. This feature is exclusively designed for the buyers and sellers, where the users can browse through the items posted on the site which includes furniture, household, clothing, books, and so on.

The new feature has got two new interfaces, buy and sell and also a quicker way for the users to search across the social networking site using keywords. There is no doubt this new feature is going to be the talk of the world! It is going to serve a lot of people across the globe and is going to further boost the fame of the world famous site. You got to wait for some more time to witness it!

How to Guard Online Marketplace from Fraudsters

Talented Fraudsters always succeed in extracting money from the Marketplace system. It happened in every marketplace and will continue to happen. Some fraudsters happen to be computer scientist where they use their brain to divert some money during two sided marketing while transferring money from stranger to stranger. Delay in realizing those frauds may result in loss of money.

Some Fraud mitigation techniques are given below:

Know your users:

The norm in market place is true identity and is costly to spoof. There are a number of ways to validate identity. Buyers will use credit cards for their payment process and sellers will get it through their bank accounts. Identity can be validated either by double deposit process where a particular user controls a specific bank account or by analyzing their profile on social networks.

Analyze user behavior:

Understand the usage pattern of marketplace. Have a research on how legitimate users navigate the page and how they use. For ex: At PayPal, fraudsters were more likely to fill out fields using lower case letters as they were very quicker to type.

Focus on transactions that are more likely to be fraudulent:

Score transactions based on the likelihood of fraud and priorities resources with higher probability of fraud. New users who recently changed their email and bank accounts, high dollar activity, all these are traits that increase the chance of a transaction to be fraud. Fraudsters are likely to return even after banning them from the site, so figure out how to keep those banned fraudsters from returning the site.

Payment flow control:

Increase the market place’s ability to mitigate fraud by controlling how money flows through the market place.

Build strong relation with law enforcement:

Building strong relationships with law enforcement will help protect good users and it will serve the business well when things invariably go wrong.

Online Marketplace destination for shoppers

It is not an easy task to find perfectly fitted clothes online, you will either have to alter or return it back! Imperfect fit is one among the other issues that commonly prevails for online clothing apparel. But the process of returning back the apparels is a huge drawback to the clothing line. It simply ruins the business for them. It deals with so many issues post every return. It is every shopper’s dream to find perfectly fitted clothes online. And every poor soul’s dream has finally come true! There is a new ecommerce marketplace destination has arrived to solve every other shopper’s worst nightmare. The firm has a lot of categories to it such as men’s apparel and the list further expands to women’s category as well. It even has many famous clothing brands added to it namely J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, Saks, Macy’s, Fifth Avenue and so on.

The shoppers will have to give in their personal body measurements and the preferred sizing options. Based upon the inputs, it will display the apparels that closely match the shoppers’ body measurements. It is as simple as that! The Fittery marketplace compares the measurements with a wide variety of brands and provides the best results that are close enough! The marketplace’s ‘FitMatch’ service is very much free to use. The shopper’s dream destination collects revenue via commission for every sale and also through advertising. Christmas is around the corner, so do not hesitate to buy your favorite clothes online!